Why make things difficult? Do it the easy way with DATS-solo!

The DATS-solo is small, rugged and easy to use. It's four 24-bit measurement inputs have all the signal conditioning built-in so that you get high-precision, consistent measurements every time.

Everything you need

The DATS-solo is available as either a standalone capture device with real-time displays and export option for further analysis or as a complete hardware/software package with all the features you need to understand your data.

Precision & Accuracy

The analogue frontend is designed with quality in the mind. IEPE and direct voltage inputs are supported with switchable input ranges. Sample rates up to 100k samples/sec/channel mean the Solo can tackle noise & vibration measurement with ease.


Prosig have been supplying noise & vibration measurement systems for over 40 years. The DATS-solo, like all of our products, embody those decades of knowledge and our experts will ensure that you get the best out of your system.

One little black box. Three great products.

Choose one of these three easy-to-use products and get your hands on a DATS-solo now.